March Gardening & Landscaping Tips



March Gardening:

March Lawn – Gardening Tips:

Think about lawn care supplies and equipment. Get your mower prepped and ready and begin planning or buying ahead for any fertilizer, sod or other supplies.



Be sure to check your plants for signs of rodent damage. Look for bark chewed off branches and tree trunks.

Mulch & Wheelbarrow


Raking out your lawn isn’t just for the fall. If the ground is well dried

after the snow, raking in the spring can help remove old grass matted

by snow mold and any accumulated trash. Raking also stands the

grass upright to allow air and light to reach the soil. This allows the grass

to warm, breathe, and begin to grow.

 Plan your backyard


If you’re looking for expert advice or planning for any landscaping

services, this is the perfect time of the year to start. Give our experts a call

at 262-537-2111 for services such as landscape maintenance and lawn

care, landscape design or our garden center and Nursery.



Around the corner

With Spring right around the corner, it’s always helpful to

begin thinking about any landscape care you may need

after the harsh winter.



Officially Spring

While it’s officially Spring, we’ll still have to wait a bit to see true pops of

color appear. In the meantime, fill your outdoor containers with color.

Plant Spring annuals that can tolerate chilly temps. Pansies, violas,

Dusty Miller and many more are available now.


Gracillimus Maiden Grass


Cut back your ornamental grasses like Karl Foerster. After that, they’ll be

standing tall again.


Annabelle Hydrangea


Now is a great time to prune most trees. Consult our store or the local

county extension office for information on your particular variety.

Also, prune back Roses, Spirea, Hydrangeas, and other summer

blooming shrubs to get them shapely for the upcoming Spring season.



Be sure to check your plants for signs of rodent damage. In addition, look for bark

chewed off branches and tree trunks.

Techny Arborvitae


Evergreens such as pines, yews, and fir may have been dried out or burned by the winter wind and sun. As a result, their foliage is orange-ish brown right now instead of green.

Most plants will survive after the wear and tear of winter, but others may not. For horticultural advice on how to help your winter injured plants, bring a picture into Breezy Hill’s Garden Center. We have the knowledge and products that your plants need.


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Call Breezy Hill Nursery at 262-537-2111.

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