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Covid-19 Update

   Important Notice and Update on COVID-19  Dear Friends, We at Breezy Hill Nursery want to remind you of how much we value the relationship that we have with you, whether you are a customer, supplier or employee, and let you know in these challenging times that our hearts go out to all the individuals, […]

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Indoor Gardening for Winter

Indoor Gardening for Winter Indoor Gardening for Winter Many landscaping enthusiasts turn to indoor gardening, or “interiorscaping” as a way of whiling away the winter months. Your houseplants, or indoor softscape will consist of the following: * Plants native to tropical forests. For instance, using palms for interiorscaping is a way of making bold design […]

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August Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Harvesting and Preserving Time for harvesting and preserving After the planning, the planting, the weeding, and the viewing, it is the time for harvesting and preserving. Although some may, most of us do not depend on our canning and freezing to see us through the winter, there is another harvest gardeners may want to consider. […]

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July Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Long Blooming Perennials Add Impact to Your Garden with Repeat Bloomers Many gardeners like perennial flower plants because they return year after year. However, that doesn’t mean that you can plant them once and forget about them. Perennials require regular maintenance to look and perform their best. Staking, pruning, deadheading, dividing and pest control are […]

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