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Landscape FAQ: 11 Most Common Questions about Landscape Design & Installation


We've collected the landscape & design FAQ, and answers for all of them. Plus links if you're interested in more in-depth info.

Let's dig in.

Most common questions about landscape design & installation

  1. How much does a landscape design & installation cost?
  2. What is the process like?
  3. How is a landscape design installed?
  4. Do you install the right plants for our climate?
  5. What kind of landscapes do you design & install?
  6. What sizes of landscapes do you design & install?
  7. Can you customize the design of our landscape?
  8. Do you design water & fire features?
  9. What is the warranty on plants?
  10. What are the benefits of having our landscape designed?
  11. What makes Breezy Hill Nursery different?


1. How much does a landscape design & installation cost?


On average, most landscape design & installation projects cost $25,000 – $100,000 + on the initial install. Larger commercial jobs are usually $100,000 and more.

(Smaller design & installations cost less usually around $15,000–$25,000.)

Extra features and upgrades will, of course, increase that price further.

Once your installation is complete you can happily enjoy it. If you choose to use Breezy Hill long-term maintenance it can range in cost yearly from about $3,500 for average size landscape and up to $12,000 for a larger more complex landscape. Cost of maintenance is determined by the size of the site, equipment needed, and depth of job. 

(Adding landscaping to your home can increase the ROI. Many sites have estimated an increased value on your home from up to to 20 percent or more!)


2. What is the process like?

This is the Breezy Hill Nursery process:

  1. Meet with homeowners to discuss their needs and wants.
  2. Walk & Measure site.
  3. Design landscape.
  4. Present plans and discuss any changes.
  5. Estimate & draw up the contract.
  6. Sign contract.
  7. Schedule installation date.
  8. Install on site.
  9. Final walkthrough.
  10. You get to enjoy your new landscape.

If you'd like to view our process, check out Breezy Hill Nursery Overview.


3. How is a landscape design installed?

This is our process for installing your new landscape design:

  1. Layout the site.
  2. Excavate the site.
  3. Install the berms and soil features.
  4. Install the rock features ie.. walkway, fire pit, rock wall, patio.
  5. Construct onsite features, like pergolas.
  6. Plant trees, shrubs, and smaller plants.
  7. Add mulch to beds.
  8. Clean up the site.
  9. Final Walkthrough.

After your installation, Breezy Hill Maintenance can help you maintain a beautiful landscape.

Learn more: How to Contact our Designers.


4. Do you install the right plants for our climate?

YES! We grow our own. Our passion for growing beautiful, high-quality plants has earned Breezy Hill Nursery an unparalleled reputation within the landscaping industry. We now supply specimen quality trees and ornamental shrubs to the landscape industry across the US. We offer eco-conscious consumers the opportunity to purchase these locally sourced plants at significant cost savings at our Breezy Hill Garden Center and greenhouses for our friends right here in the Midwest!

Learn more: Breezy Hill Nursery


5. What kind of landscapes do you design and install?

Pergola path

We listen to your wants and needs. We can then design a plan that fits your vision using our expertise, in any style.

Do you have a Pinterest page full ideas? Do you have pictures from magazines that you have kept for ideas? We can work from those too.

See more: Breezy Hill Nursery Projects

6. What sizes of landscapes do you design and install?


Pool with landscaping

We design & install large commercial jobs and home landscapes: 

  • Uni-lock paver decks, rock walls, water features, pools, ponds, privacy hedges & berms
  • Hotels, colleges, high schools, county buildings, museums.

You have tons of options! Every landscape is unique. You can check out our designs here.

Learn more: Residential Gallery

Wildflower field

7. Can you customize the design of our landscape?

Yes, we are all about custom designs. Want a field of wildflowers or a water feature? Would you like a pergola and fire pit in your backyard? We can do all of that and more.

Breezy Hill Nursery Landscaping

Most people just want to enjoy their backyard, Here are a few of our patios.

We also have custom lighting options.

Learn more: Custom lighting options.


8. Do you design water features?

Breezy Hill Nursery Custom Waterfall Design

Yes, and there are so many options for water features.

You can customize literally everything:

  • The color of the water.
  • Materials (stamped concrete, brick pavers, coping stones, flagstones, etc.)
  • Custom Water features, (cascades, jets, natural waterfalls, and more)
  • Custom lighting features. 

Do you want a water feature? 

Learn more: We have several water features here.

Breezy Hill Border Garden

9. What is the warranty on plants?

A properly installed and maintained landscape will last for many many years. There are times when you might need to replace plants.

Breezy Hill Nursery will replace ONCE any tree, shrub or evergreen should it die within ONE YEAR from the
date of purchase, assuming it received proper horticultural care. 

Learn more: Here is our Plant Warranty

Breezy Hill Nursery Custom Building

10. What are the benefits of having our landscape designed?

There are many benefits one mainly is your quality of life. It enhances quality time with your family, increases the value of your home, makes your home more attractive, provides privacy, erosion control, reduction of storm runoff, creates a green buffer zone between homes & traffic.

Learn more: Most common landscaping questions?


Breezy Hill Nursery Landscaping

11. What makes Breezy Hill Nursery different?

Breezy Hill Nursery and Garden Center

Breezy Hill is one of the largest landscape design, installation and maintenance firms located in the Midwest.

Breezy Hill Nursery is a family owned business and treat our clients like family.

We’re passionate about creating beautiful landscape designs for our clients. It’s why our clients keep coming back.

Learn more: Breezy Hill Nursery.




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