Bulk Materials & Landscape Supplies

Your landscaping makes a huge impact on the look, feel, and overall value of your home. It’s the finishing touches like mulch, stone, and pavers that truly provide a high-quality result to your garden project, and Breezy Hill Garden Center has many options to choose from. Our staff will be glad to help you decide and determine how much material you need and even set up delivery.

mulch-brown enviro mulch

Bagged & Bulk Mulch Materials

Don’t forget to mulch your perennial beds. We carry 10 different varieties of bulk mulch and several different varieties of bagged materials. Choose from our bagged mulch of Red Dyed Hardwood, Hardwood, Cocoa Bean & Cedar Mulch. We also have bagged Playbox Sand.

Choose from our Bulk Mulch of Brown Environmental, Rust Red, Playground Chips, Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Shredded Standard & Premium Hardwood Mulch.


Aged Bark $46.99/yd
Composted Soil $44.99/yd
Topsoil (pulverized) $38.99/yd

house with hydroseeding blanket

Soils, Grass Seed, & Erosion Control

Pick from several different grass seed blends geared to grow best in your soil. We carry bagged soils, bagged grass seed, and bulk soils. Stop Erosion from occurring with erosion control blankets.


weed barrier

Weed Barrier & Edging

Stop erosion from occurring with erosion control blanket and edging. We carry several different sizes and lengths of weed barrier sure to fit any size planting bed. Keep beautiful landscape beds with edging and weed barrier.



Natural Stone

Natural Stone adds stunning visual texture to your landscaping projects. We carry flagstone, outcropping, cut drywall, and bluestone. All are offered in a variety of colors and shapes. We’re happy to help you select just the right product for your project, and we also deliver.

bulk aggregates, natural stone

Bulk Aggregates

Thinking about using stone instead of mulch? We have over 20 different kinds of decorative stone to substitute with. We also carry those all-purpose aggregates like pea gravel, traffic bond, mason sand, and torpedo sand.



Bulk Aggregates

Limestone Screenings ton $49.99
Limestone 1″ Clear #1 (chips) ton $57.99
Limestone 5/8 Clear Chips ton $57.99
Traffic Bond 3/4″ – 1″ ton $49.99
Pea Gravel ton $45.99
Washed Stone #8 or #2 ton $46.99
Washed Stone 67 or #1 or #6 ton $45.99
Mason Sand ton $49.99
Torpedo Sand ton $39.00
Breaker Rock #10 Stone ton $68.99
Crater Rock Black (Lava)1 in. (Volcanic) ton $434.99
Crater Rock Red (Lava) (Volcanic) ton $401.99
Decomposed Brown Granite ton $88.99
Decomposed Red Granite ton $181.99
Desert Sunset ( Western Sunset ) ton $368.99
Dynamite Orange Granite 1-1/4 in. ton $192.99
Red Flint Small 1/2 – 1 in (Mississippi River Rock) ton $187.99
Red Flint Medium 3/4 – 1-1/2 in. (Mississippi River Rock) ton $187.99
Red Flint Large 1-1/2 – 2-1/2 in. (Mississippi River Rock) ton $187.99
Gray Slate #5 ton $368.99
Heritage Small 1/2 in – 1 in (American Heritage) ton $115.99
Heritage Large 3/4 – 1-1/2 in (American Heritage) ton $115.99
Merrimac Small 3/16 – 1 in. ton $192.99
Merrimac Medium Spec B 3/4″ ton $192.99
Merrimac Large 1 – 2-1/2 in. ton $192.99
Pewter Granite ton $182.99
Pink Blush Small 1/2 – 1 in. (Pink Sioux Quartzite) ton $203.99
Pink Blush Large 3/4-l-1/2″ (Pink Sioux Quartzite) ton $203.99
Purple Passion ton $192.99
Rockwood Nuggets (Autumn Smoke) ton $368.99
Ruby Red Granite 3/4″ ton $144.99
Ruby Red Granite 1 1/4″ ton $144.99
Snow Mountain Marble ton $368.99
Trap Rock 1-1/2 ton $209.99


boulder wall


Decorative boulders can add dramatic focal points to your landscape, ponds, water features and retaining walls. We have boulders ranging in size from 4” all the way up to 36”.




Landscape Stone and Boulders

Granite Boulders 4 -8″ 42 SqFt/Ton Ton $192.99
Granite Boulders 8-12″ 27 SqFt/Ton Ton $192.99
Granite Boulders 12-18″ 13 SqFt/Ton Ton $192.99
Granite Boulders 18-24″ 10 SqFt/Ton Ton $220.99
Granite Boulders 24-36″ 4 SqFt/Ton Ton $220.99
Midnight Blue Boulders 18-36″ Ton $313.99
Outcropping Stone
Outcropping – Fond du Lac Ton $357.99
Outcropping – Chilton Ton $325.00
Outcropping – Lannon Ton $285.00
Outcropping – Fond du Lac Weatheredge Ton $385.00
Outcropping – Chilton Weatheredge Ton $350.00
Outcropping – Lannon Weatheredge Ton $346.99
Cut Drywall – approx. 2-6″ thick
Cut Drywall – Fond du Lac Ton $522.50
Cut Drywall – Chilton Ton $338.00
Cut Drywall – Lannon Ton $385.00
Cut Drywall – Fond du Lac Weatheredge Ton $599.50
Cut Drywall – Chilton Weatheredge Ton $621.50
Cut Drywall – Lannon Weatheredge Ton $423.50
Split Face Steps – approx. 24″ thick
Outcropping Split Face Steps – 42″ each $215.00
Outcropping Split Face Steps – 3′ each $170.00
Outcropping Split Face Steps – 4′ each $235.00
Outcropping Split Face Steps – 5′ each $365.00
Fond du lac Flag – Smooth Ton $975.00
Chilton Flagstone Ton $1,072.50
Blue – Blue: True blue, no extra color. | Full-Range: Blue mixed with purple & copper. | Natural Cleth: Flagstone/natural stone look. | Thermal: Flamed to remove irregularities, flat stone.
Blue Stone Blue Blue 1.5″* (small) sq/ft $11.60
Blue Stone1.5″BlueBlueThermal* sq/ft $16.40
Blue Stone 1.5″ FD Blue Thermal sq/ft $18.00
Blue Stone Full Range 1.5″ Sm* sq/ft $10.15
Blue Stone Full Range 1.5″ Lg* sq/ft $13.00
Blue Stone 1.5″ NOM Full Thermal sq/ft $15.00
Blue Stone BlueBlueThermal 1/2″ sq/ft $11.75
Blue Stone Steps ea $68.00
Blue Stone Irregular BlueBlue* Ton $990.00
Blue Stone IrregularFullRange* Ton $555.00



Pavers, Steppers, & Retaining Walls

We carry Unilock, Belgard and Northfield block pavers. We can match existing pavers or help you find the perfect look for your new landscape. If steppers are the route for you, we have several different options such as a round or square aggregate steppers.

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