Houseplants for everyone

Try one of these easy care plants to start your indoor houseplant journey. Once you get one it's hard to stop buying them.



Pothos Ivy-

Pothos Low Light, Easy Care

The pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a great starter plant for the brown thumb in an apartment with little natural light. This beautiful vining plant with its green or variegated heart-shaped leaves will happily thrive hanging in a low light window or crawling across a bookshelf. As long as it is watered thoroughly when the top of the soil dries out, this plant will serve you well.


Aloe Vera Plant -

One of everyone's favorites. This recognizable plant native to dry areas is a great addition to your home. It has medicinal properties and is easy to grow. They prefer sunny location and at least 70 degrees, also it prefers dry soil so avoid frequent watering.


Jade Plant-

Jade Easy Care, Medium Light

The jade (Crassula argenea) is one of my favorite plants. Its fleshy leaves and trunk-like stems give it a natural bonsai-like appearance. It is slow-growing but can eventually get to be 3 feet tall and equally as wide. This specimen was originally part of such a tree in the library where I work which got "broken" when it was knocked off its stand. While it will not happily tolerate a complete lack of natural light, the jade is happy in a wide range of situations from bright, indirect light to a full sun window (where its leaves will often acquire a beautiful red border). Water sparingly when the top soil is dry and watch for mealy bugs.


African Violet -

African Violet - Easy Care Blossoms

If you want an easy care blossoming plant, you can do no better than the African violet (Saintpaulia ionatha). The furry leaves come in both smooth and scalloped shapes, and the delicate blossoms range from white to deep purple with every shade of pink and violet in between. Place it in a window or under a fluorescent light, keep the soil moist, and watch this little plant thrive.


Parlor Palm -

Parlor Palm - Tropical Fronds in a Corner

If the word "palm" brings images of lots of light and tropical conditions, well, you haven't met the parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans). The parlor palm's waves of tropical-looking fronds will add interest to even a darker corner (though you should avoid a completely dark corner). Let it dry out between waterings, water sparingly, and you will have a great tree for years of pleasure.


Peace Lily -

Peace Lily- Deep Green Foliage and Dramatic Blossoms

The peace lily (Spathyphyllum) is a little higher maintenance than some of the other plants we've shown, but if you are careful about watering it and keeping the humidity level up, this dramatic plant will make a great single specimen or center for a dish garden.



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