December Gardening & Landscaping Tips


Cold & Snowy Weather

The chilly weather and shorter days are here. We want your landscape to look its best for spring,  give us a call with any questions or requests for services that we can help you with. As the winter season settles in you want to be prepared. Spring comes in sooner than you know it.



Heavy winter snows can create big problems for many landscape plants. Evergreens with thin stems and branches, such as Arborvitae, are often weighed down by heavy snows. Sometimes limbs crack and break off with these snow loads. Other times they simply bend with the weight and recover as the snow melts. Homeowners often wonder whether they should brush the snow off or leave the plant alone. Our horticultural advice is to leave the plant alone if the temperatures are below freezing. You may do more damage to the frozen limbs if you try to brush snow off them. If the temperatures are well above freezing, you can try to gently brush some of the heavy snow off without too much worry about breaking limbs.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to let Mother Nature do her thing…or call breezy Hill for some advice!


Salt & Ice

Salt and Ice Melt can damage or even kill your plants. Be sure to use them with care near your landscape. Try using sand or gravel as a traction producing, eco-friendly alternative.

House Plants

If you brought some herb plants indoors for the winter, go easy with the watering. If you did not repot them using an artificial soil mix, they will stay too wet and may not survive. It is not too late to repot them.

Use care in watering holiday plants as well as your houseplants. Many holiday plants come in plastic pots with foil wrappers. Punch holes in the foil so that water can run out. Set the plants in saucers to prevent water damage to the furniture.

As soon as flowers fade on your houseplants, clip them off. Sometimes doing this will result in more flowers. The plants are more attractive if well tended anyway.

    • HCM and Blue Tree_Web

Have you seen our breathtaking blue tree on the corner of hwy.50 & B? Let our experienced team assist you with your holiday decorating and create a custom look for your home and landscape.
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