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Fresh food from your own garden is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening Would you like a garden but don’t have a large space?  Square Foot gardening is your answer. In just a small square you can grow enough food to feed your family and enjoy a lifelong hobby. Save Time Raised bed gardening saves time, space, energy & water. You plant in 4×4 beds, […]

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Gourmet Herb Garden

The Organic Gourmet Herb Garden

It’s Easier Than You Think To Create A Gourmet Herb Garden BY KARI-LYNN O’NEIL Everywhere you turn these days you find a celebrity chef, a five-star restaurant or tv show touting organic this or that. Now I’ve seen this “celebrity chef” thing happen before. One guy finds something (usually it sounds cooler than it tastes) […]

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