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August Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Harvesting and Preserving Time for harvesting and preserving After the planning, the planting, the weeding, and the viewing, it is the time for harvesting and preserving. Although some may, most of us do not depend on our canning and freezing to see us through the winter, there is another harvest gardeners may want to consider. […]

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July Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Long Blooming Perennials Add Impact to Your Garden with Repeat Bloomers Many gardeners like perennial flower plants because they return year after year. However, that doesn’t mean that you can plant them once and forget about them. Perennials require regular maintenance to look and perform their best. Staking, pruning, deadheading, dividing and pest control are […]

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June Gardening & Landscaping Tips

  June Gardening & Landscaping Tips – Cutting Gardens   One of the nice things about gardening is being able to pick flowers to bring into your home. Do you have a problem doing so when the blooms have prominent roles in your entrance or patio planting? There is also the situation when you know […]

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May Gardening Tips

May Gardening & Landscaping Tips

  May Gardening Tips Elements of Garden Design – Working with Color   From Marie Iannotti, Your Guide to Gardening. Most garden design advice begins with a discussion of color, texture, and form. Color is arguably the most prominent factor in garden design and often the first one considered it is what most gardeners are […]

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April Gardening & Landscaping Tips

  April Gardening Tips: How to Start a New Garden in the Spring Start Small: Do you have visions of drifts of color, wildflower prairies or bushels of tomatoes, but get your feet wet first. For flower gardens, choose a site close to the door or with a good view from a favorite window. Place […]

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March Gardening & Landscaping Tips

  March Gardening: March Lawn – Gardening Tips: Think about lawn care supplies and equipment. Get your mower prepped and ready and begin planning or buying ahead for any fertilizer, sod or other supplies.   AFTER WINTER ASSESSMENT Be sure to check your plants for signs of rodent damage. Look for bark chewed off branches […]

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February Gardening & Landscaping Tips

    February Gardening: Houseplants: Begin planning the activities that need to be completed in the next month or two.                      -Examine your plants                             -Identify the ones that need repotting                      -Add to your “want list” the pots and potting soil you will need.                      -Prune plants that are over-grown. -List plants that you […]

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Landscape Design & Installation FAQ

Landscape FAQ   Landscape Design & Installation FAQ: 11 Most Common Questions about Landscape Design & Installation LANDSCAPE DESIGN INFO  | BREEZY HILL NURSERY  Landscape & Design for your home is such a wonderful way to enhance your life…as a result, there might be many questions you have. First of all, we’ve collected landscape & design FAQ’s, […]

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