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Welcome To Breezy Hill Garden Center

Breezy Hill Nursery Garden Center was designed to inspire and motivate. Our ability to produce locally grown plants allows us to provide eco-conscious consumers a green product at significant cost savings. From designer stone and terra-cotta planters to exotic plant species, we have many products that will fill any niche. For the do-it-yourselfers or for those that need a little guidance, we have the staff to start you in the right direction. If you’re simply looking for ideas, this is the place to begin.

Our Garden Center stretches over 28 acres and is centrally located between Lake Geneva and Kenosha. It consists of a state of the art green house, balled & burlaped nursery stock, plant production houses, containerized nursery stock, Retail Garden Center and much more. It is staffed by over 20 individuals who have dedicated their lives to the green industry, making them qualified to answer any of your questions.

June Garden & Landscape tips

  • Have extra annuals about and need a way to use them? Plant them in pots, cans or planters. Or give them as gifts for apartment or condo dwellers who do not have room to grow their own plants.
  • Mow the grass at the highest level when the temperatures are high. The foliage shades the ground, reducing evaporation and the stress on roots.
  • With indoor plants, the air conditioner can actually dry out exposed leaves, making them look as though they are diseased. Papery brown areas are commonly the result of cold, dry drafts. Some plants are very susceptible to low temperatures as well.
  • Plant pumpkins in June to be ready for Halloween. Use plants that you have started or direct seed in the garden. Remember, these become huge plants unless you are growing the bush types. Leave them plenty of room in your garden.
  • Herbs & Veggies: Mulching conserves water. Hoe out any weeds and apply a 3-inch layer of mulch beneath plants. The mulch will keep weeds down too.
  • Roses are at their best this month. The spring blooming varieties are at their full glory. Roses need constant pruning. Carry your knife or shears anytime you are in the rose garden. Do not leave dead or diseased stems on the plants because the diseases will spread to healthy parts of the plants. Remove bare or spindly stems at the bottoms of the plants. They are places where canker diseases can start.


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