Great Gifts for Dad

Still hunting for that perfect gift for Dad? You’ve come to the right place. Breezy Hill Garden Center has a great selection of gifts for Dad. From trees to gift cards, you’re bound to find something that will make his day. Fruit Trees on Sale:  Buy One Get One Half Off (apple, pear, cherry, plum)* […]

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Monarch butterfly on Butterflyweed.

Creating A Butterfly Garden

There are a few essential needs for every Butterfly Garden. First there must be food for the caterpillars, plants that produce nectar for the butterflies, and shelter. One of the most important things, is to limit the use of pesticides on your property. A little leaf damage from native caterpillars is what you want. It’s […]

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Pagoda dogwood

Landscaping With Black Walnut Trees

Black Walnuts trees are primarily grown for their valuable hardwood lumber. Even though this tree may have commercial value, it can cause many problems and annoyances in a home landscape. The large and abundant fruit is considered messy and unwanted. More importantly, Black Walnut trees produce a chemical called juglone that can kill or damage […]

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Jackman Clematis

Clematis Care

Clematis are beautiful fairly low maintenance plants that can pack a lot of color into your garden. They fit very well into most types of gardens, and can be used to create vertical interest. Clematis can range from a couple feet tall to heights of 20 to 30 feet. (more…)

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Big Daddy Hosta

Shady Garden Solutions

BY KARI-LYNN O’NEIL I had stumbled upon the Bermuda Triangle of shady garden spaces. I have inherited a Japanese garden. Or rather, I have inherited an old giant pine tree with a gravel paved path with a few giant boulders butted against a wooded back lot. I discovered it only after I made the trip […]

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Deer Resistant Gardens

Keep Your Garden From Turning Into A Bambi Buffet BY KARI-LYNN O’NEIL I’ll bet 99% of the people about to read this article will pop up and run to the window the minute they notice deer in the back yard. And everyone is excited… until the graceful neck of a doe dips down and nibbles […]

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Autumn Blaze Maple

Quick Growing Plant Material

There are all sorts of reasons why people want quick growing trees and shrubs. Perhaps you just got a new house and are desperate for shade, or your neighbor just parked a motor home in his backyard, and you need it screened ASAP! Whatever the reason, be careful and know the drawbacks of quick growing […]

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The Organic Gourmet

It’s Easier Than You Think To Create A Gourmet Herb Garden BY KARI-LYNN O’NEIL Everywhere you turn these days you find a celebrity chef, a five star restaurant or tv show touting organic this or that. Now I’ve seen this “celebrity chef” thing happen before. One guy finds something (usually it sounds cooler than it […]

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Common Landscape Questions

How much sun is considered full sun? Full sun is considered to be over 6 hours of unobstructed light each day. Partial sun ranges between 3 and 6 hours, and shade is considered to be less than 3 hours of light each day. Typically, the sunniest areas will be the west and south sides of […]

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